Fitbit is one of the best applications among all fitness trackers in relation to its convenience and sets of functions. Among the main features we note:
  • MobileTrack — tracking of steps taken and distance covered;
  • MobileRun — speed, time and running distance tracking. It also allows you to control music, receive voice advice and record the path with a connected smartphone GPS;
  • Trainings — tracking all the modes available on the wristband. The application shows statistics during exercise time and dynamics for a few days;
  • PurePulse — shows the pulse graphs, change, stress, results at rest and during training;
  • Calories counter — with the help of a barcode scanner and products database you can keep a food or a diet diary with the calculation of calorie intake;
  • Water counter is also available in a diary form, you have to fill in the data on the amount of drunk water manually;
  • Goals — for training, meals and sleep. Based on the goals, the application gives some advice and motivates.
The program for all portable gadgets designed by Fitbit is the same one, if you had a wristband before, then you will understand how it works quickly. The application is compatible with Android and iOS, connects via Bluetooth. There is no synchronization with Apple Health and Google Fit, but it supports other third-party programs. The application sends all the data from the wristband. Statistics are also available in the web version.
Among the interesting innovations we note the section Challenges, where there are all sorts of motivating missions. For example, the wristband will offer to take 15,000 steps or run 20 kilometers. Here you can also find Adventures — adventures with awards. As the mission progresses, Fitbit will show beautiful views from around the world and tell interesting facts.
A synchronization with Fitstar — a service of video lessons for fitness — has appeared in the new application version. For the most useful classes you may be asked to pay some money, but the number of free lessons is also quite enough. It is possible to compare your performance in another section, where your friends results with gadgets Fitbit are shown. In general, there have become more social functions, you can even write a message to a friend.