Samsung Odyssey
Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset In-Depth Look | 24 Hour First Impressions VR Kommando
Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset In-Depth Look | 24 Hour First Impressions
Samsung Odyssey In-Depth Hardware Review PLUS Comparison to the HTC Vive Immersive Matthew
Samsung Odyssey In-Depth Hardware Review PLUS Comparison to the HTC Vive
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Oculus Rift vs. Samsung Odyssey - In-Depth Comparison - Which Is The Best VR Headset To Buy?

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Samsung Odyssey - Specification

UsageFor PCFor SmartphonesFor quadcopter
Operating systemMinimum system requirements
TypeAvailabilityAR - See-throughAMOLED
Size3.5inchesSmartphone screenN/AField of view horizontal110°
Features90 Hz.
AdjustingPresentFocal length
Front cameraNumber2
SupportSteamVROculus HomeWindows Mixed RealityViveportPiHome
Battery lifeN/A
Conrol3DoF Turning head
Tracking3DoF Rotation tracking6DoF Positional trackingTracking area
ContentsHeadphonesTouch control panelMotion controllerSteamVR Tracking

Samsung Odyssey overview

Samsung Odyssey is a virtual reality headset that runs on the Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) system. The most expensive gadget in the WMR family has a high screen resolution, hand and head movements tracking, built-in headphones, a microphone and two controllers in the kit. In terms of assembly quality and hardware, Odysseus is catching up with and, according to some indicators, outperforms market leaders from Oculus and HTC, not to mention analogues from Windows. Next, we'll take a closer look at the gadget features.

In October 2016, after the release of Microsoft HoloLens, Windows announced that several manufacturers were working on creating virtual reality headsets for the Windows Mixed Reality platform. A year later the developers officially launched the system along with a number of ready-made ‘immersive Windows headsets’ (this is the official name of all devices based on WMR) from Acer, Dell, HP and Lenovo.
Samsung Odyssey was introduced later than other partner projects. The device was announced on October 3, 2017, and it went on sale only on November 6. One of the reasons for the delay may be the regarding of Odyssey as a top headset in the range.

Pros of Samsung Odyssey

Easy setup. It is just enough to connect the headset to the computer and run the setup program. No base stations with brackets or additional cameras are needed.
High screen resolution. 1440x1600 for each eye — it's better than in Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and all the analogues on the Windows Mixed Reality system. The picture is clear, and the pixels are almost indistinguishable.
Customizable lenses. An important advantage is the ability to adjust the distance between the pupils manually. The more accurately the lenses are set, the more pleasant it will be to be in virtual reality.
Built-in audio system. Two headphones with 3D speakers and a pair of microphones for voice communication. No gadget with WMR has it. The quality is not perfect, but the immersion effect compensates for it.
Controllers in the kit. Two wireless joysticks with six control elements on each are connected via Bluetooth, work on AA batteries. Ergonomics is the best among its competitors.

Cons of Samsung Odyssey

Short wires. Since all top headsets work from wires, they should be at least long. Samsung Odyssey’s wire is only 4 meters long which limits the gaming space and convenience — you can trip over it.
Tracking errors. Controllers are tracked by the headset only in the range of front cameras. Forget about moving your hands behind your back and just about active interaction — there may be malfunctions.
Non-removable components. Headphones, front panel, back parts of the hoop, linings (all except a facial one) — nothing can be removed and replaced.
Not fully optimized applications. Even games and programs from Microsoft Store do not work perfectly, let alone versions from the Steam VR library.

Competitors of Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey is the flagship headset on the Windows Mixed Reality system where a number of other headsets work. But in terms of quality and price, they refer to a more budget segment. Therefore, it is logical to compare Odyssey with the top VR gadgets — Oculus Rift and HTC Vive:

  • Oculus Rift, 400 USD-450 USD. The screen resolution is 1080x1200 for each eye, the fps is 90, the viewing angle is 110 degrees. There are built-in headphones. The device weighs 470 grams.
  • HTC Vive, 400 USD-450 USD. Resolution, fps and viewing angle are similar to Rift. There are base stations for body tracking in the kit. There are no headphones, but there is a 3.5 mm jack. The weight is 550 grams.
So, both competitors are even cheaper, but in the main parameter — screen resolution — they are worse. At the same time, the HTC Vive Pro version with the same resolution as Samsung Odyssey costs from 750 USD! But both Oculus and HTC offer advanced gaming capabilities, for example, more accurate tracking. However, it takes a long time to adjust and configure them. Therefore, Odyssey is great for fans of the Windows ecosystem, and Rift and Vive are more suitable for gamers.

Design and ergonomics of Samsung Odyssey

The headset case is completely made of plastic, the front panel is glossy, the rest is matte. The places of contact with the head are covered with artificial leather which is soft but sometimes can be too hot. The hoop for the head with built-in headphones is attached to the front part with lenses from above. From the back of the hoop go HDMI and USB wires to connect to the computer.
The control elements and sensors are arranged as follows:

  • The ring for fixation on the head is in the center of the rear lower part of the hoop.
  • The lenses adjustment ring is in the centre at the bottom of the front panel.
  • The volume buttons are on the right of the lenses adjustment ring.
  • Microphones are on the left of the lenses adjustment ring.
  • Cameras with surrounding sensors are in the lower front part of the front panel.
  • The proximity sensor is between the lenses on the inside.
Samsung Odyssey Samsung Odyssey weighs 645 grams, and this is the largest gadget in the Windows Mixed Reality range and one of the heaviest headsets on the market in general. At the same time, it is even more convenient to carry than HTC or Oculus due to the correct weight distribution: the center of gravity is shifted to the forehead, and Vive and Rift are worn as ski goggles and fit the entire face tightly. This leads to sweat and fatigue. In terms of convenience Odyssey is close to PlayStation VR. Samsung does not recommend playing wearing prescription glasses, but users note that it's physically possible if you do not fix the headset too tightly.
The developers stopped using hinges and made a tightening mechanism which is controlled by the rear ring. If you need to see the real world quickly, then the front part can put aside a bit — the design allows you to do it. The only drawback is that light penetrates from below, but this is solved by more tight fitting.

Samsung Odyssey display and lenses

The killer-feature of the device is the screen. Odyssey is equipped with two AMOLED displays with the resolution of 1440х1600 pixels which is much better than in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and is identical to HTC Vive Pro. Add a viewing angle of 110 degrees and an update rate of up to 90 frames per second (like in Lenovo Explorer) — you will get a truly flagship headset, and only much more expensive devices can compete with it.
The headset has lenses that are larger compared to other WMR gadgets. They are distinguished by the possibility of adjusting the interpupillary distance with a ring under the face panel. Samsung Odyssey allows you to adjust it within the range of 60-72 mm, while for the remaining WMR gadgets this parameter is fixed — 60 mm. If the lenses do not match the eyes perfectly, it can cause nausea and fatigue, so the adjustable distance is an obvious advantage.

Full immersion in virtual reality which is indistinguishable from our world is still impossible. You can still see the pixel grid, although this effect is much less evident and noticeable than in Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. There are no concentric light circles that is a common characteristic of substandard lenses. What’s more, high resolution allows you to read a clear text without paying attention to pixels.
Lenses with the proximity sensor in the centre

Samsung Odyssey audio system

Taken into account the support provided in WMR by a voice assistant named Cortana, it seems very strange that almost all Windows partners refused to use the built-in audio. Samsung corrects this omission. The headset works with two headphones-speakers that produce 3D sound with excellent effect of immersion. Headphones move up and down within 15 mm range and rotate to the right and left by about 40 degrees. The sound is clear and loud, and the volume level can be changed using buttons on the headset.

There are two microphones for voice communication in Samsung Odyssey (in Oculus Rift with headphones — only one). There were no failures, Cortana responds not immediately, but rather quickly. You can also communicate in voice chats. As for the drawbacks of the audio system, the absence of a 3.5 mm jack for your own headphones and the inability to remove or replace the built-in ones, as it can be done in Rift, can be mentioned. Even despite their excellent quality, some users would like to connect their own headphones.

A right earpiece on hinge

Samsung Odyssey controllers

Power source2 AA batteries for one controller
The time of stand-alone work3-10 hours
Connection and updatingBluetooth 4.0
Elements of control6
Weight with batteries160 g
  • Gyroscope
  • Compass
  • Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • LED
The price of two controllers100 USD (an analogue from Dell)
The gadget from the box comes with two controllers which look a bit exotic. They are similar to usual joysticks, but with a wide rim like a sombrero on the top. There are LEDs in this rim signals from which are detected by cameras on the headset. Both handles and upper rims are made of strong plastic which does not crack even after strong compression.

For the rest, the design is close to the standard WMR controllers:
  • The front panel: a touchpad, joystick, menu button and Windows button.
  • The rear panel: a trigger and selection button.
  • The bottom part: a compartment for batteries and a Bluetooth button for connecting to the headset.
If the control looks like in analogues from Acer or Lenovo, ergonomics is at a new level. The grip areas are smoothed, they do not have sharp edges at all, which makes it possible to hold the controllers comfortably during several hours in a row. The top part is slightly inclined for more convenient interaction with a touchpad and joystick. For even greater convenience, both gadgets can be hung on the arm using straps from the kit.
Each controller works from two AA batteries. The battery compartment cover is the only weak point, it does not look very reliable and is not hard-wearing. As for the software, there are some problems with tracking of controllers. The headset loses them if you hold your arms behind your back. It can also make errors in active games not having time to track the light signals from the rims. But the gyroscope and the magnetometer try to compensate for the lack of camera visibility and tracking errors.

Samsung advises you to use only native controllers, but as the software for all Windows Mixed Reality headsets is the same, you can connect joysticks from partners: Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Dell. It is almost impossible to buy native ones from Samsung, maybe only resellers can offer you a suitable option.
Samsung Odyssey Controller

Gaming space in Samsung Odyssey

Windows Mixed Reality supports six degrees of freedom, i.e. both the headset and the Odyssey controllers allow you to move to the full in virtual reality. What’s more, you do not need any additional sensors to create a gaming space — everything is already installed in the device. The only limitation is the cables length — 4 meters. So, by connecting to the computer, you can have 2-3 square meters of interactive space in the room. There is a tracking feature that scans the surrounding area and warns of walls and furniture.
Like any other WMR headsets, Samsung can be used together with a powerful laptop in the backpack. This greatly expands the freedom of actions and allows you not to think about damaging the controller and furniture at home. In some games, internal restrictions on full freedom of movements are set, and the device itself will not work outside in the dark because cameras in the headset cannot track movements in relation to the space.

Software and games for Samsung Odyssey

ServiceThe number of games and applicationsIncluding free ones
Microsoft Store18272
Steam VR59247
The basic application is Windows Mixed Reality which will give you instructions on how to set up and calibrate at the first time of launching and then it will open ‘Home’. From this virtual space, you can open new applications, turn on movies, music, chat with friends, work in the browser. Due to the high screen resolution it's easy to read a text through Odyssey and not just to play or watch movies. The quality is good in all cases.
The possibility of working with holograms should be mentioned separately, but it is possible only in virtual space. There you can run the Holograms application and work with virtual objects which helps both at work and in entertainment. No WMR headset supports mixed reality like one in Microsoft HoloLens, despite its name.

Samsung Odyssey packaging and arrangement

The box is the most common one made of cardboard with a handle. Inside you can also find a cardboard holder for batteries and documentation, and under it — a headset and controllers in foam covers. Visually, the mounts are not very reliable. The whole set looks like this:
  • Samsung Odyssey headset.
  • Two controllers.
  • Four AA batteries.
  • A user guide.
4-meter cables for connection to the computer — HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 — are built into the headset and they cannot be removed. Batteries are designed for controllers, it is better to check them immediately, sometimes they are already discharged. The equipment set is not high-end, but it has everything you need for work.

A box with the gadget

The hidden costs of Samsung Odyssey purchasing

Odyssey is not a stand-alone device. The developers give the minimum (Windows Mixed Reality PC, for the frequency of 60 fps) and recommended (Windows Mixed Reality Ultra PC, for the frequency of 90 fps) system requirements:

.Windows Mixed Reality PCWindows Mixed Reality Ultra PC
CPUIntel Core i5-7200UIntel Core i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.4GHz
GPUIntel HD Graphics 620Nvidia GTX 960/965M/1050 or AMD RX 460/560
CablesHDMI 1.4HDMI 2.0
Embedded memory10 GB10 GB
MonitorVGA (800x600) and betterVGA (800x600) and better
ConnectionBluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 Type-A or Type-C, minimum 900 mАBluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 Type-A or Type-C, minimum 900 mА
OSWindows 10 Fall Creators UpdateWindows 10 Fall Creators Update
Since the controllers are already included in the kit, the hidden costs include only the system for connection. The cheapest laptop with Intel Core i5-7200U will cost 550 USD, but be ready to spend 1,000 USD on a productive computer.

Samsung Odyssey accessories

The system can work out of the box, so there are no obligatory accessories to buy. Officially Odyssey is incompatible with third-party controllers, and there is simply no connector for headphones. So you can buy a few nice and convenient pieces:

  • The Xbox controller, from 15 USD. Both wired and Bluetooth options are suitable. In some games, the control will be different if you use non-native controllers.
  • A backpack, from 30 USD. The headset can be put into any more or less suitable backpack, but there are also branded bags, for example, from Navitech.
  • A protective sticker, 20 USD. Vinyl protectors for the front panel and the rim are sold in a variety of styles on Amazon. It looks interesting, can protect from accidental scratches, but no more.
  • A cover, 10 USD. If the inner part adjacent to the face is damaged, then it can be replaced. Spare pads are identical to the native one and are also made of leatherette.
  • A rack for controllers, 32 USD. Plastic fastenings with steel bolts are one more stylish and not very practical accessories. Controllers can be put anywhere, not only on a special rack.
  • Ceiling mount for a wire, 23 USD. Wireless modules are not provided, so this mount is almost invaluable for those who do not like to become entangled in wires under their feet.

  • A mesh backpack for laptop, 40 USD. Another version of the ‘wireless’ game involves the use of the headset connected to the laptop in a backpack.
  • An external battery for laptop, 70 USD. It is irreplaceable when you play outdoors because Odysseus discharges the laptop battery after about 20 minutes.
It's very difficult to buy native controllers separately — there are very few offers. You'll have to contact Samsung and ask for a replacement or send a spoiled gadget for repairs. Or you can try to buy standard WMD joysticks from Dell, on their official website it costs 100 USD.

Installation and configuration of Samsung Odyssey

Despite a non-removable cable and the lack of the wireless connection, the installation of Odyssey is simple and quick. The headset does not require any cameras or base stations, so you can connect and configure it during 10 minutes. It will take one more half an hour or one hour to understand how VR works if this is your first gadget of such a type.

To connect it, just plug the HDMI and USB cables into the appropriate computer ports. Be sure to have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update system, so that it can recognize the gadget, download a base application and drivers. After the programs installation, Cortana will help to connect the controllers and customize the headset.

Problems with the device and tips for Samsung Odyssey owners

Thanks to an assembly quality, the headset rarely makes hardware errors. But it is important to know solely technical aspects. Internal linings should be wiped from sweat because they do not absorb moisture. After some time, leatherette can get out of order and not fit the face so tightly, but it is possible to replace only the front patch since the rest are immovable.

Odyssey is a gadget of high quality, and the main problems users note in poorly optimized games. For example, in Arizona Sunshine and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, the direction and speed of the movement are not controlled at all or lost. Sometimes the touchpad or all the buttons on the controllers do not work. Errors are related to the software which the developers have not fully adapted yet to Samsung Odyssey.

There are also errors in the headset software, and not in games, here are the most common problems:

  • Error 2181038087-4. The cameras did not start and cannot start scanning.
  • Error 2181038087-11. The problem with the computer's processor.
  • Error 2181038087-12. A USB driver is installed not from Microsoft.
Useful information and recommendations can be found on the support websites of Samsung Odyssey and Windows Mixed Reality.

Reviews about Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey is the most advanced headset from the Windows Mixed Reality family, so its price is closer to the popular flagships from HTC and Oculus. Odyssey is an intermediate option between top VR headsets with base stations for gamers and headsets of elementary level. The headset combines in itself the ease of installation with one of the highest screen resolutions on the market which makes it an ideal gadget for Windows computer / laptop owners.

By the way, after discounts from Amazon prices for Odyssey, Vive and Rift became approximately equal. But other headsets with WMR are cheaper, the most affordable option — Acer Headset — can be found even for 180 USD. It will suit those who do not want to spend a lot of money on gaming solutions, but consider mobile and stand-alone VR headsets to be too simple.

Samsung Odyssey - Alternatives

Showing 1-10 of 10 items.
PhotoUSDTitle px.AngleHz.MPGr.
HTC Vive499HTC Vive    1200×1080110°901 pc.470
Oculus Rift CV1399Oculus Rift CV1    1200×1080110°90470
HTC Vive Pro799HTC Vive Pro    1440×1600110°90 2 pc.555
Lenovo Explorer487Lenovo Explorer    1440×1440110°90 2 pc.380
ASUS Headset583ASUS Headset    1440×144095°90 2 pc.400
Acer Headset199Acer Headset    1440×1440105°90 2 pc.350
DELL Visor 449DELL Visor     1440×1440110°90 2 pc.590
Pimax 4K454Pimax 4K    3840×2160110°60 620
LG 360 VR94LG 360 VR   920×72080°602 pc.134
HP VR Headset199HP VR Headset    2880×144095°602 pc.834

Samsung Odyssey - Comparison

Brand Samsung HTC Oculus HTC
Model Odyssey Vive Rift CV1 Vive Pro
Min. price USD
Release 2017/11/06 2016/04/05 2016/04/28 2018/04/05
For PC
Total weight 644 gram 470 gram 470 gram 555 gram
Body weight 512 gram 450 gram
Size 3.5 inches 3.6 inches 3.54 inches 3.5 inches
Field of view horizontal 110 ° 110 ° 110 ° 110 °
Resolution 1440×1600 px. 1200×1080 px. 1200×1080 px. 1440×1600 px.
Latency 22 ms.
Refresh rate 90 Hz. 90 Hz. 90 Hz. 90 Hz.
Focal length
Lens spacing 58-72 mm.
Operating system
Minimum system requirements Windows 10 – Creators Update, Intel Desktop i5 или AMD FX-4350 , NVIDIA GTX 1050 - AMD Radeon RX 460, RAM - 8 Гб GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 или AMD Radeon R9 290; CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 или AMD FX 8350; Оперативная память: 4 ГБ или больше; Видеовыход: HDMI 1.4 или DisplayPort 1.2 8 Гб оперативной памяти; ОС Windows 7 SP1; 3 порта USB 3.0; порт USB 2.0; разъем HDMI 1.3. GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 или AMD Radeon RX 480; CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 или AMD FX 8350; Оперативная память: 4 ГБ или больше; Видеовыход: DisplayPort 1.2, USB 3.0 порт или более скоростной, Windows 8.1 или выше
Oculus Home
Windows Mixed Reality
Front camera
Number 2 pc. 1 pc. 2 pc.
Headphone input 3.5mm
3DoF Turning head
3DoF Rotation tracking
6DoF Positional tracking
Tracking area 5x5 meters 2.5х2.5 meters 10x10 meters
Games 600 3500 2900 3500
HDMI 1.4
USB 3.0
USB 2.0
USB type-c
Charger connector
Display port support
HDMI support
USB cable 2
HDMI cable 2
HDMI repeater 1
Headphones 1
Motion controller
SteamVR Tracking
Lighthouse 2 2
External position sensor in space
Proximity sensor
Immersion 9 8
Interaction 9 9
Comfort 6 8
Ecosystem 7 7
Setup 6 6